Photography and Videography

The critical skill required of a photographer is the ability to take a fabulous photo. This involves knowing your camera, understanding lighting and developing an eye for choosing the right angle. Photography training is available in vocational schools and colleges, with bachelor’s degrees offered in photojournalism and commercial photography. However, many professional photographers learn by attending workshops, taking lessons from another photographer and even studying online tutorials.

Editing Skills

Digital photography has opened up a new world of artistic possibilities for photographers. You develop editing skills by practicing with photo-editing software. For instance, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Creative Suite are programs that allow photographers to transform images from color to aged, black and white, or sepia formats. Angles can be altered, blemishes removed and images cropped. Online tutorials are also helpful, along with classes and workshops for specific software programs.

Marketing Skills

Marketing skills are a must for a professional photographer to have a growing customer base. Networking on social websites, as well as at business and community functions, is part of this process, and it requires good written and verbal communication skills. Once you establish a photography website, promote your work through a blog, which allows you to describe locations, photo shoots and details about your business.

People Skills

Unless you are a nature or forensic photographer, chances are you will be photographing people. Being able to relate to a client and offer pose instruction is essential, and so are good listening skills to understand what the customer is seeking in the finished product. When photographing major events, such as a wedding, a photographer must know how to deal with large crowds and coordinate posing an entire wedding party. Patience is a plus when working with children, such as when photographing a youth sports league. Time management skills are also important to keep photo shoots moving in an efficient manner.