Skills Development and Employment for Social Justice Program


The program aims to provide graduates, undergraduates and young people facing labour market challenges with employable skills and employment services, foster skills for the world of work and create descent jobs for young people. This is In support of ILO Global initiative on descent jobs for the youth and the Sustainable Development Goal 8-Descent work and economic growth.


  • Provide young people with adequate skills to develop their potential, access jobs or start business and become employers
  • Form partnerships of committed organizations, companies and businesses that create work-readiness and work-based training for youth to foster skills for industry
  • Provide young people with additional career options by fostering an entrepreneurial culture and offering entrepreneurial education, facilitating employment searches and job-matching.
  • Support and facilitate school-to-work transition


The primary target groups are graduates, undergraduates and young people between the ages of 18-35 years facing labour-market challenges.