Bee Keeping

Beekeeping Skill Set

Employability skills

  • Communicate and interact effectively with others
  • Manage your training and continuing education
  • Manage time effectively
  • Maintain health and safety on the job
  • Combat a small fire
  • Perform basic emergency and first aid procedures
  • Handle hazardous farm materials safely
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic personal finances
  • Maintain health and safety while working with bees

Handling bees

  • Perform field work with colonies
  • Perform field work with queens and cells
  • Feed bees sugar and protein
  • Receive and install package bees
  • Perform routine field work
  • Demonstrate understanding of pollination requirements
  • Prepare for winter and complete related activities
  • Describe bee specialty enterprises
  • Demonstrate understanding of basic bee biology and behavior

Maintaining bee health

  • Use integrated pest management strategies
  • Prevent brood diseases
  • Control parasitic mites
  • Prevent Nosema disease
  • Manage vandals and wildlife
  • Minimize pesticide damage

Operating bee equipment

  • Maintain hive equipment
  • Extract honey and wax
  • Describe functions and design of buildings
  • Operate and maintain fork-lifts, boom trucks, power tailgates
  • Operate and maintain trucks, trailer and accessories
  • Operate small tools and accessories
  • Use basic handle and power shop tools

Beekeeping business planning

  • Develop and follow a business plan
  • Plan the winter and spring season
  • Schedule production season activities
  • Comply with government & industry regulations
  • Understand owning and growing a beekeeping business